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Trainer for disaster warning announcement

macos macOS 10.7 or later
macos Windows 7 or later

This is a software aimed at training disaster warning announcement which reproduces what listeners (people evacuating) actually hear by simulating speaker properties, decay, reflection, ambience, and being indoors.

There are disaster warning systems for each local area in Japan, which does not really reach the inhabitants sometimes because of being far away from the speaker, being indoors, lots of reflections caused by buildings and mountains, and some noise such as rain or construction works. But it is known that changing the way the announcer speaks will improve conveying more accurate information and save more lives from disaster. To make it possible, the first thing is to know how the inhabitants actually hear the announcer's voice, which the simulator is aiming for.

This system is based on the PureData patch published in the following documents, requested from Kanazawa Institute of Technology. (Japanese)

○土田義郎:防災放送の訓練システムに関する基礎的検討,日本建築学会大会 学術講演会梗概集,VOL.防火,435-436, 2013/08/30.