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Miohata is a software that turns something such as a wall or a table into an instrument. By recording a sound of any object around you and placing it on a cell of a table, Miohata recognises the object and starts making sound as a light belt comes along with the sound you have just recorded. Miohata has several tracks that can deal with different sounds at different times. The word "Miohata" stands for "320" in traditional Japanese math - there are 320 cells consist of 2 bars of 16 beats when divided by 10 tracks. It runs anywhere there is a wall or table, and a macOS or Windows computer with speakers and a camera(s) connected. At your shop, school, office, on stage, home - wherever you want.

Page created: 19 October, 2016

Miohata was presented at Eindhoven Maker Faire 2017 on 2-3 Sep 2017, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.




ページ作成日: 2016年10月19日

「みおはた」は2017年9月2〜3日、オランダ・アイントホーフェンにて開催されたEindhoven Maker Faire 2017に出展されました。