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Virtual audible ecosystem engine Coming soon

macos macOS 10.7 or later
macos Windows 7 or later

Binaryosphere is a software that emulates "nature (an ecosystem)" - sound of rain, wind, waves, waterfall, thunder, and imaginary creatures reacting to the movement of people as well as according to time, temperature, humidity of the day, and seasons - which means the sound will be always different, just like real nature. It runs anywhere there is a macOS or Windows computer with speakers and a camera(s) connected. At your shop, school, office, on stage, home - wherever you want. Every sound is generated by internal synthesizers and no recording is used.

What is it for?

  • As ambience (sound environment, soundscape) of your store, home, office etc.
  • Sound effects for drama
  • Concentrating, relaxing, sleeping, etc.
  • Page created: 26 July, 2016