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A Workshop to "Listen" to the Scenery

Earwalk is a workshop to take a walk together through nature or city centre, while listening to the sound of the place and answering questions on worksheets.

We share where your group walked around, what you thought, and what you put on your worksheet, while showing what you recorded during outdoor listening. There might be something new for you when you walk around with a different point of view and knowing how others listen to sound.

Let's set out for a little journey to "listen" to the scenery.


There is no upcoming workshop / lecture. Feel free to send me your request.

What You Do

Part One
30 min

  • About me
  • About the workshop
  • Photography agreement
  • About worksheets & notes
  • About recording & taking videos
  • Introduce yourself
  • Grouping
  • Part Two
    30 min
    Outdoor Listening (everyone together)

    Before going for a walk, listen to the soundscape of a particular place and make a time to answer the questions on your worksheet. The questions are:

  • Is there any change or anything in common with the previous place?
  • Is there any change when you close your eyes?
  • How would you explain the soundscape?
  • How would you describe the soundscape as a drawing?
  • Moving sound / Stopping sound
  • Natural sound / Artificial sound
  • The closest sound / The farthest sound
  • The loudest sound / The quietest sound
  • A sound unique to here
  • A sound unique to this country
  • The most impressive sound
  • Which sound do you need / not?
  • Which sound do you want to leave / remove?
  • Your favorite sound /
  • Single sound / Continuous sound
  • Guess sound in the past / in the future
  • Part Three
    60 min
    Outdoor Listening (individual)

    Set out for listening freely with your group. During the experience, you need to stop twice to listen and answer the questions above.

    Part Four
    20 min+

  • Share what you wrote on your worksheet
  • Share what you felt, thought
  • Who it is For

    Anyone above 4 years old. For example:

  • those who always use headphones to listen to music
  • those who want to explore the area in terms of "sound"
  • What it is For

    This workshop itself has no purpose. Take care of what you think and feel during the workshop.

    What to Bring

  • Pen
  • Rain gear
  • Camera (if possible)
  • Recorder (if possible)
  • Notes

    1 You are going to walk outdoors for hours. Please refrain from joining the workshop if you don't feel well. Make sure you wear warm enough in winter or protect yourself against heatstroke in summer.

    2 Never approach any dangerous place such as keep off areas or cliffs. Always be cautious about the situation around you rather than being absorbed in listening to sound or filling in worksheets. Your safety first.

    3 Please note that I am not liable for any accident or loss during the workshop.

    What People Say


    — 17 Feb 2013 Nagoya, Japan
    — 2013/2/17 大須(名古屋市)

    — 20 Oct 2013 Okinawa, Japan
    — 2013/10/20 ヤハラヅカサ(沖縄県)

    — 3 Aug 2013 Osaka, Japan
    — 2013/8/3 天神橋筋六丁目(大阪市)

    — 15 Sep 2013 Kagoshima, Japan
    — 2013/9/15 天文館(鹿児島市)

    — 22 Sep 2013 Saga, Japan
    — 2013/9/22 佐賀(佐賀市)

    — 21 Jul 2013 Tokyo, Japan
    — 2013/7/21 中野(東京都)

    — 21 Jul 2013 Tokyo, Japan
    — 2013/7/21 中野(東京都)

    — 20 Oct 2013 Okinawa, Japan
    — 2013/10/20 ヤハラヅカサ(沖縄県)

    — 3 Aug 2013 Osaka, Japan
    — 2013/8/3 天神橋筋六丁目(大阪市)
    Very interesting. Gave me an opportunity to "view" the sound you don't recognize that you hear. Eye sight and ear "sight" are very different. The former keep you from seeing the latter.

    — 1 Apr 2017 Utrecht, Netherlands
    — 2017/4/1 ユトレヒト(オランダ)

    — 9 Apr 2017 Utrecht, Netherlands
    — 2017/4/9 ユトレヒト(オランダ)

    About payment

    Fee Various according to a project
    Additional fees Collaborator
    Credit card: 4.6% of the item price
    PayPal (credit card): 8.7% of the item price
    PayPal (bank transfer): 7.4% of the item price
    Shipping: none
    Payment methods Collaborator
    Credit card / PayPal / bank transfer
    Credit card / cash
    When to pay The time of workshop
    When to get delivered The time of workshop
    Return / refund Collaborator
    If notified before 24 hours prior to the appointment: refundable
    After 24 hours prior to the appointment: not refundable
    Upfront: Various according to a project
    After the workshop has started: not refundable

    I Can Organise It For You

    I accept offers from anywhere in the world as far as I can handle my schedule and fee. It's also possible to alter the contents for special occasions such as educational or therapy programs. Check out the following requirement and feel free to ask me.

    English / Japanese
    (no interpreter needed)

    2 hours
    (Can be shortened or split)

    4 - 20 people

    Ages Admitted
    4 years old and over

    Equipments Needed
  • Chairs
  • AC (mid summer or winter, depending on climate)
  • Staffs Needed
  • Assistant (guide)
  • Cameraperson (photo)
  • Cameraperson (video)
  • * These don't always have to be separated.

    Rough standard (EUR): €90* or higher
    Rough standard (JPY): ¥9,000* or higher

    * With participants below 10 and a staff, on "pay what you want" basis above the fee. Could be higher depending on venue fees and travel expenses to the venue.

    Payment Methods
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    From Europe
    iDEAL, Sofort or IBAN
    From Japan
    Transfer to Japanese bank account

    Send a Request

    Please include the followings if you know:
  • Venue (city and country or region)
  • Date of workshop
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  • Duration of workshop
  • Intended age group
  • Estimated number of participants
  • Your budget
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    Press Kit

    Contact me and I will send it to you.

    You Can Organise

    Anyone can organise, modify this lecture/workshop as long as you specify that the deviser is Kazune Koyama. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. This workshop is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.