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Neutral Music Concept

A Concept to Awaken Music Inside You

Neutral Music Concept (NMC) is a concept by Kazune Koyama to awaken potential of music inside you by forgetting and thinking again about musical instruments, scores, music theory, and music itself without categorising ourselves into anything such as “musicians”, “listeners”, “professional”, “amateur”, “good”, “bad”, “right”, or “wrong”. Regardless of existing rules, skills, knowledge and experience in music, it enables us to be actively involved in music by eliminating stereotypes and rebuilding what is really needed for music. In short, we are trying to reproduce situations when even the word "music" didn't exist. It means you don't need any knowledge or experience on music. It's for everyone.

Do you think you don’t have anything to be awakened? That only matters in existing styles of music such as jazz or rock, and from a point of view of “neutral” music which doesn’t belong to any music, potential of your music is infinite.

Conversely, existing music that we hear today was originally born from nothing - which means “neutral” music is an origin of every styles of music, and existing music is just the tip of the iceberg called “neutral” music.

What is it for?

Today, music in the world is too formal and people tend not to accept who or what moves away from there. For example, we are categorised into “professional” “amateur” or “good” “bad”, and those who can’t reach the level of “good” music give up being “musicians” and turn “listeners”. It finally makes music monopolised by musicians and a gap between musicians and listeners continues growing. While anyone can make sound, we have been killing our potential by obeying the limits created by ourselves. NMC is a way to help us unchain and free music inside ourselves as much as possible. NMC is not against existing music ecosystem, but on the contrary you can apply what you learned in NMC to existing music, and even beyond that.

Who is it for?

NMC is for anyone who wants to be actively involved in music whether you are a “musician” or not. You don’t need any skills or experience in existing music at all. Don’t worry, you can make sound that you feel music with zero knowledge. NMC is open for everyone to apply or modify.


1 Independent — A Concept to Re-recognise Music from Scratch

Music under NMC doesn’t belong to any existing music ecosystem.

Most of music in the world is in a paticular form such as jazz or rock, which can be taught by someone. In other words, it's possible that we have to give up not only certain potential instead of meeting rules or conditions, but also our unique sense of music because of learning existing music. However, there are few movements or concepts in the world to keep and grow “neutral” music, it’s natural for us to think that common music is everything.

NMC is a concept to make it possible to begin exploring music that doesn’t belong to anything as well as creating anything from scratch, not learning from anyone. This means existing musical instruments, scores, or music theories will never work under NMC and we need to re-define “music” or “instruments” - how would you explain them to someone who knows nothing about “music”? There will be a number of definitions as many as how many people participate in the concept, because there never be a “correct” answer.

2 Freedom — A Concept That Assures Freedom in Music

NMC takes care of avoiding having restrictions or rules such as “right”, “wrong”, “common sense”, or “tacit understandings”.

When we begin to play music, we tend to think we need to get musical instruments at a music store and learn how to play the instruments at music school or from a teacher - despite none of them are obliged by law. That could be because of music in the world is too formal and we tend to think we definitely need them to play music. And the idea spreads through people and established as a tacit understanding.

This sort of restriction can stop us from releasing potential of your music. So we try to keep workshops in condition without any rules in order to help get your ideas into shape. Nowadays buying musical instruments is not the only choice as anyone can use 3D printers or laser cutters easily. And it’s not always necessary for you to learn something about music: most of music we hear everyday is based on a specific music theory. For example, there are thousands of music without “melody” or “harmony” which are considered to be essentials in the traditional Western music theory, and what people feel “wrong” or “poor” could be “wonderful” in another country’s music theory, and vice versa. In short, even the music we think as a role model or something we have to learn, is just one of millions of ideas and not anything to cover everything of music or every human in the world.

3 Equal & Interactive — A Concept That Everyone Learns from Each Other

NMC is not a concept to “teach” music.

Begin to learn existing music first to play music? Don’t make light of music. You could lose interest in music because of the chemistry between you and your teacher or existing music and spend the rest of your life keeping your music laid even though there is “something” inside you.

Nobody is allowed to deny or criticise any sense, definitions or ideas different from yours in NMC, so we never “rate” your music or show any “role models” while we do help you express your own music. This is because music under NMC is neutral - in other words, things such as “right”, “wrong”, “professional” or “amateur” doesn’t exist in the first place. This means everyone including the facilitator is standing on the same level on the same circle. Also we can always learn from each other as everyone has an individual background and sense of music that can’t belong to others. Therefore, categorising ourselves into “musicians” and “listeners” doesn’t make sense at all and everyone can be actively involved in music by bringing music close to us as much as possible in this concept. Some people could forget even the word “music” - this is ultimate though.