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Sound Academy

A Hands-on Lecture on Sound
For education etc.

Sound Academy is a lecture to learn sound from A to Z by experience with using your voice.

Do you know what sound is, what your voice looks like, or how to use microphones or speakers? If you don't, visit Sound Academy.

It's for anyone above 10 years old who have no knowledge about sound at all, and there is nothing difficult to understand - we use videos, audios and your voice as much as possible to help you learn.

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What You Learn

Part One
60 min
What is Sound?

  • Hands-on Straining Your Ears
  • What is Sound?
  • Why sound decays?
  • Hands-on Low Tones and High Tones ...The cause of bothersome neighbourhoods
  • Speed of Sound ...The reason for the sound delay of fireworks
  • Hands-on Reflection ...Reverberation in a bathroom, mountains
  • Hands-on Flutter Echo ...The reason for hearing strange sound when clapping hands
  • Diffraction
  • Refraction ...The reason for hearing distant sound at night
  • Hands-on Sympathetic Resonance
  • Hands-on The ingredients of Sound ..."Seeing" our voice
  • Hands-on Masking ...The reason for difficulty when talking in a train or bus
  • Karman Vortex ...The reason for hearing the howling of wind and skipping rope
  • Doppler Effect ...The sound of an ambulance
  • Cymatics ...A sound pattern
  • Sonicboom ...Thunder
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Part Two
    60 min
    Sound and Human Beings

  • How we hear
  • Why do we have two ears?
  • How we voice
  • Hands-on Hearing Range and Speaking Range
  • Hands-on The Mosquito ...Only young people can hear it
  • Hands-on Aging and Hearing Sense
  • Noise
  • Hands-on Bone Conduction
  • Hands-on Cocktail Party Effect
  • Hands-on Missing Fundamental ...hearing sound that doesn't exist
  • Does music have a good effect on an unborn baby?
  • Perfect Pitch / Relative Pitch
  • Colored Hearing Synesthesia / Phonopsia
  • Hands-on How sound and video affects each other
  • Loudness: Danger of Sound
  • Part Three
    60 min
    Technologies on Sound

  • The Structure of Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Aging
  • Stereophonic, Monaural, Surround, etc.
  • Directivity
  • LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device)
  • The Structure of Microphones
  • Handling Acoustic Devices
  • Hands-on Howling
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Hands-on Compressor / Limiter
  • Hands-on Pitch Shifter
  • Part Four
    20 min+
    Questions and Answers

    Got any questions? I'll answer those to the extent I know.

    What People Say


    Translated It was so much fun and nice to have such an unique experience. A variety of videos and practices help make it fascinating.

    — 15 Sep 2012 Nagoya, Japan

    Translated Realised that I didn't care about sound although it's always there in my daily life. It was fun!

    — 7 Jul 2012 Nagoya, Japan

    Translated I studied something about soundwave in the science class, but this is the first experience to study it further, so everything was very interesting to me.

    — 24 Aug 2012 Kumamoto, Japan

    Translated Lots of hands-on experiences and examples from the daily life helped me understand how sound works from various aspects.

    — 10 Aug 2012 Nagoya, Japan

    Translated So interesting to know deeper about sound which is too common and familiar to turn my attention to. "visualising" the sound was also nice. Now I'm happy about being able to tell what is happening around me.

    — 10 Aug 2012 Nagoya, Japan

    Translated As a radio presenter, I am here since I wanted to have a good knowledge of sound. Profound - is a word in my mind now. I am motivated to make my radio program entertaining from a perspective of sound.

    — 10 Aug 2012 Nagoya, Japan

    Translated Today I learned the marvels of human body through knowing the nature of sound. It's interesting to imagine that our eyes and ears could have been just one each if our bodies were simpler or there were less danger for human beings, and on the other hand, some other system could have been in our bodies if there were more danger.

    — 23 Nov 2012 Nagoya, Japan

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