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A Workshop to"Listen" to the Scenery

Earwalk is a workshop to take a walk together outdoors while listening to the sounds around you and answering questions on worksheets. Can be applied for team building education art therapy etc.

You will share us where your group walked around, what you thought, and what you put on your worksheet, while listening what you recorded during the fieldwork. There might be something new for you when you walk around with a different point of view and knowing how others listen to sound.

Let's set out for a little journey to "listen" to the scenery.

What You Do

Part One
30 min
  • About Kazune Koyama
  • About the workshop
  • Introduce yourself
  • Grouping
Part Two
30 min
Outdoor Listening (everyone together)

Before going for a walk, listen to the soundscape of a particular place and make a time to answer the questions on your worksheet. The questions are:

The front side of your worksheet let you see the sound of the place as a single "soundscape" and answer these questions.

  • Is there any change or anything in common with the previous place?
  • Is there any change when you close your eyes?
  • How would you explain the soundscape?
  • How would you describe the soundscape as a drawing?
  • How would the sound be different if the weather changed?
  • Guess the soundscape from 50 years ago to 50 years later

The back side of your worksheet let you focus on every single individual sound you hear and answer these questions.

  • Moving sound / Standstill sound
  • Natural sound / Artificial sound
  • Close sound / Distant sound
  • Loud sound / Soft sound
  • A sound unique to this place
  • The most impressive sound for you
  • Single sound / Continuous sound
  • Sound you want to leave / remove
  • Sound you like / Sound you dislike
Part Three
60 min
Outdoor Listening (in groups / pairs)

Set out for listening with your group or pair. Your group can decide on where to walk. During the experience, you need to stop twice to listen and answer the same questions above.

Part Four
20 min+
  • Share what you wrote on your worksheet
  • Share what you felt, thought


1 You are going to walk outdoors for hours. Please refrain from joining the workshop if you do not feel well. Make sure you wear warm enough in winter or protect yourself against heatstroke in summer.

2 Never approach any dangerous place such as keep off areas or cliffs. Always be cautious about the situation around you rather than being absorbed in listening to sound or filling in worksheets. Your safety first.

3 Please note that I am not liable for any accident or loss during the workshop.

What People Say


Translated I've never spent such a long time to listen to the soundscape before. I think I can make good use of it to music. How we hear depends on how we feel through the five senses - that's important.

— 17 Feb 2013 Nagoya, Japan

Translated It was a precious time to make myself "nothing". My mind starts to complement sound out of everything when eyes are open, but I am able to empty my mind and body, and feel purified when I close my eyes. Happy to share a "point" in our lives.

— 20 Oct 2013 Okinawa, Japan

Translated Noticed there are a lot of sound I've never noticed because I always put headphones when I go outdoors. Earwalk is nice for a change.

— 3 Aug 2013 Osaka, Japan

Translated When I focus on the sounds coming in, I hear the ones I haven't noticed in my daily life, ones I wish they were here, or ones I dislike. Things might be changed when I turn my attention to sound when I take pictures which I only paying attention to something I see.

— 15 Sep 2013 Kagoshima, Japan

Translated What I found interesting is that I hear differently depending on wind or ground.

— 22 Sep 2013 Saga, Japan

Translated This is my first Earwalk and had a strong interest in types or nature of sound. It was surprising for me that the soundscape around us is something we can taste this much. I also learned how difficult it is to explain what the sound is like, and I want to be able to tell how and what I feel.

— 21 Jul 2013 Tokyo, Japan

Translated Surprising to see that my ears are choosing the sounds I favor though I have never "listened" to busy streets, and I'm glad to find a sound pleasant for me. I'm going to focus on slight and faint sounds.

— 21 Jul 2013 Tokyo, Japan

Translated I was at a loss at the beginning because everything is up to us, but I think it's a good workshop to have a good understanding of how each one feels.

— 20 Oct 2013 Okinawa, Japan

Translated There are various sounds in the city, and interesting to see that every single ordinary sound gets together and form a soundscape representing "life" or "where people come together". I also found out I like the sound of bicycles except a screech of breakes.

— 3 Aug 2013 Osaka, Japan
Very interesting. Gave me an opportunity to "view" the sound you don't recognize that you hear. Eye sight and ear "sight" are very different. The former keep you from seeing the latter.

— 1 Apr 2017 Utrecht, Netherlands

— 9 Apr 2017 Utrecht, Netherlands

About payment

Various according to a project
Additional fees
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PayPal (credit card): 8.7% of the item price
PayPal (bank transfer): 7.4% of the item price
Shipping: none
Payment methods
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When to pay
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I Can Organise It For You

I accept offers from anywhere in the world as far as I can handle my schedule and fee. It is also possible to alter the contents for special occasions such as educational or therapy programs. Check out the following requirement and feel free to ask me.

English / Japanese
2 hours
(can be shortened or split)
4 - 20 people
Ages Admitted
4 years old and over
Light rain held as scheduled
Stormy rain cancelled
What to Bring
  • Pen
  • Rain gear
  • Camera (if possible)
  • Recorder (if possible)
Equipments Needed
  • Chairs
  • AC (mid summer or winter, depinding on the weather)
Staffs Needed
  • Assistant (guide)
  • Cameraperson (for photos)
  • Cameraperson (for videos)

* can also be served by the same person.
Organising Fees
For corporation / organisations
From €450,-*
From ¥56,000*
For individuals / non-profits
From €90,-*
From ¥11,500*
* fees will be reduced when the workshop is shortened or split
* expenses for travel and accommodation may be added

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You Can Organise

cc-byAnyone can organise, modify this lecture/workshop as long as you specify that the deviser is Kazune Koyama. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. This workshop is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.